Ending Chronic Homelessness through Collective Impact
A Public Private Partnership Ending Homelessness in Santa Clara County

Destination: Home is a convener, advocate and driving force in bringing our community together to systematically reduce our most vulnerable homeless populations. Working with our partners, we shape the systems driving homeless policies and services and advocate for changes to better serve  the people who need them most.

Our work has resulted in a community-wide Housing First strategy for ending chronic homelessness. Learn more by checking out our About Us page and by viewing our results to date.

Housing First
Our plan to end chronic homelessness

Housing First is a nationally recognized, evidence based intervention. We recognize housing as the primary treatment option for chronically homeless individuals and families.  

The model advocates for providing housing FIRST, and surrounding that housing with supportive services to ensure recovery, stability, and a decrease of public systems usage.   

Read more about our local Housing 1000 campaign.

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